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Stainless Steel Six Ring Cock Cage


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  • Model: YMR000038288

The Six Ring Cock Cage is a wicked yet attractive locking cage that will give the wearer that full locked in sensation with no escape. This Cage made of solid stainless steel. it features 6 rings plus a base ring that fits under and around the testicles. The base ring is connected with a pin and brass padlock which are part of the set. An optional rubber sleeve fits over the hinge to prevent any possible pinching or chafing. The end or head part of the cage has the perfect opening for extended wear as it allows the wearer to easily urinate without removing the device. Additional information: the cage is 6 inches long with a 1.5 inches inside diameter. It has a 6 ring configuration. Locking base ring supports the weight of the cage. The testicle base ring is 2 inches inside diameter. A brass padlock and 2 keys are included. Made out of surgical stainless steel. Details weight: 8.8 ounces. Color Silver.