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New Moon Skin Lightning Cream


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  • Model: YMP000024853

New Moon Skin Lightning Cream for Men from Planet Earth. New Moon is a revolutionary products and will change the way that intimate bleaching is perceived and performed! There are many reasons that New Moon is considered such exciting new products and is sweeping the health and beauty scene by storm,here are just a few; can be used by both men and women, designed to be used on all skin types. Absorbs quickly and easily. New Moon does not leave behind any sticky or oily residue. Absolutely no Hydroquinone and no Kojic Acid. Lets be honest: the last thing you want is to mess around down there with dangerous chemicals. This is why New Moon is regarded as a revolutionary new product. It has all the benefits of the other creams / gels and none of the drawbacks. New Moon is the only safe and natural options for anyone looking to bleach their anal areas. Although New Moon was originally designed to cater for the personal bleaching market it can be used on the majority of the body, including; anal, genital areas. Breasts, nipples, faces and hands, age spots and most other skin discolorations. Personal bleaching for men 30ml.