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Erotic Massage Book


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Erotic Massage Book by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. with Louise Andree Saulnier Illustrated by Kyle Spencer. With over 100 illustrations, Erotic Massage presents detailed, long, flowing strokes for lovers. This was the first massage book to illustrate genital massage for men and women. With almost half a million copies sold, this book appears in many languages and many countries around the world. Reviews: Superbly illustrated techniques described are simple, easy to perform. The book is clearly illustrated and proceeds in a formal fashion to give the layperson a truly alive experience of massage therapy. - Massage Magazine. Strokes for every body part, not just the genitals. The drawings are explicit yet artful; the text takes a tender, playful, yet respectful tone, and instructions are clear without sounding clinical. - Self Care. Finely illustrated book on the techniques of massage lists all the necessary ingredients for massage, the basic rules of massage, and safer sex guidelines. - SIECUS Report. This book presents a meaningful way for couples to nurture their relationship for a lifetime. - Paul Fleming, M.D., D.H.S., Editor Sex Over Forty Newsletter. Sensitive, caring, educational, empathic for a total relationship. - Lewis H. Irving, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology Central State University, Oklahoma. An important part of the future of sex. Do not read this book alone! - Joseph Kramer, Founder, Body Electric School of Massage, Berkeley, California. Secret Garden Publishing.