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Making Peace With Porn


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One conservative estimate says that 100 million people, mostly men, look at porn online every day. Yet for many women, the topic of pornography sparks deep feelings of discomfort and insecurity which can lead to worries or fights about porn's place in long-term relationships. Porn is often seen as a shameful secret, but imagine if you could discuss it with your partner as openly as you discuss the rest of your relationship. Making Peace with Porn author Allison Vivas is a wife and mother, and also happens to run a pornography production company. In a relatable, good-humored tone she incorporates personal stories, clinical statistics, and the history of adult entertainment to explain why porn might not be such a bad thing after all. If you feel uncomfortable with this topic, or just want to know more, Making Peace with Porn is a great place to start a positive discussion. Most books about pornography are negative and fear-based, but this book takes a brave – dare we say, full-frontal – look at why pornography is a regular part of many men's lives, and it will help you find a way to accept that part of the man you love.