Sex Toys Maintenance

Welcome to our Sex Toy Maintenance

It is important to look after your new sex toy(s). We are not doctors/physicians, however, we would like to inform you on how to clean your toy(s) to minimize any changes of sexual transmitted disease (STD) and/or infection.
If you do share your toy(s), it is a good practice to cover the toy(s) with a condom before applying lubricant and change the condom when changing user(s). Do not compromise safe sex in the heat of the moment. Having safe sex is really important in today’s world.

Battery Operated Toys
Having finished playing with your toy, remove the batteries to lessen the chances of it leakage. Especially if it might be a while before the next use.

If the toy(s) does not indicate that it is water proof, then there is a great change that water will gets inside the toy and around the motor mechanism. Which will cause the toy(s) to corrode and seize.

Clean your toy(s) after each use with a damp cloth and warm soapy water. Any anti-bacterial solution, but not bleach, is best used with water. Ensure that before you assemble your toy there is no water in or around the battery area. Dry the toy thoroughly before storing it.

Sunlight will break down most silicone, rubbers and latex compounds. Therefore, it is best to keep your toys away from direct sunlight as it will deteriorate them over time.

Cracks and Fractures
If any of your toy(s) shows signs of weakness, either a crack, fracture or a sharp surface, throw it out because your health is more important than the toy(s), so it is not worth the risk.

Waterproof Battery Operated Toys
Battery compartments of any toy(s) that are labeled 'waterproof' are often not really waterproof as they claim. The rule of thumb is to always make sure your that your toy(s) are properly sealed. If the seal is no longer good able to seal the battery compartment, then your toy(s) will a great change of damaging it.  Dry it off immediately before continuing any cleaning steps as explained above.

Other Toys
Cleaning duo balls, dildos, strap-on, etc... by warm soapy water and let it dry. Once it is dry, store them away from heat and sunlight. Also, make sure that any strings, straps, etc... are also adequately cleaned.

Leather harnesses can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Nylon harnesses can go in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

Rubber and jelly are extremely hard to properly sterilize. The risk is higher if you are sharing your toy(s) or using them for both the vagina and anus, so clean them several times and examine the toy(s) carefully for damages.

Silicone dildos can actually be washed with hot water for it to be sterilize. We DO NOT mean boiling water!

Another good idea is to examine your toy(s) before use because some material used by the manufacture can attracts dust. This means you will want to clean before use.

Remember, we want every to enjoy the best pleasure in life, so please practices safe sex, make sure the toy(s) are hygienic, and use common sense.
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